Campamento de Vacaciones STEAM 2018
STEM Toddlers (2-5 years)

The little ones of the house take their first steps in robotics with the LEGO® DUPLO pieces learning about gears, pulleys, beams and many other necessary concepts to be the next engineers, architects or even astronauts.

In our classes, we support children to develop skills such as teamwork, communication and above all creativity, because each child has something that makes them unique and that is why we focus on supporting them in their integral development as independent people without leave aside the motor aspects that are necessary for your daily life.

In our outdoor activities, we work with small explorers since we not only use our park for physical activities but we also teach children about their environment and the flora and fauna.

Do not wait any longer and start your STEAM apprenticeships with our camps today and prepare them for a future full of opportunities.

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